Art & Document (formerly the journal of the Center for Documentary Arts) is a project at the crossroads of art, ethics, faith, and social justice. Created by Timothy Cahill, Art & Document presents artists, writers, and thinkers whose work promotes the common good, bears witness to suffering, and manifests qualities of beauty, compassion, dignity, justice, and mercy.

02 January 2012

Alberto Cairo: "Dignity Cannot Wait"

A TED talk by Alberto Cairo, whose clinic in Kabul has provided artificial limbs for Afghan citizens since 1990.  Cairo's message is not just of physical rehabilitation, but of human pride and the healing power of self-worth. Delivered in Geneva in November 2011 as part of TEDxRC2; the RC stands for Red Cross and Red Crescent.


A ruler who oppresses the poor is a beating rain that leaves no food. Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep th...