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30 December 2010

Best of 2010

It is with pleasure I can report that Battlesight is on two end-of-year "Best-of" lists.

David Brickman, in his blog Get Visual, named our exhibit in his Best Shows of 2010:

Battlesight: Dispatches from Iraq and Afghanistan by International Photographers stood out as a hard-hitting, carefully planned combination of three photojournalists’ personal visions of war (oddly enough, it’s the only show of photographs that made this list). 

And via Nippertown!, The Daily Gazette's Karen Bjornland included Battlesight in her recap, What We Loved This Year: Visual Arts.

Thank you, David and Karen (and friends at Nippertown!).

And thank you to all who helped me and the Center for Documentary Arts during our first year of operation. I am grateful to you one and all. And so we look toward 2011. . .  


Anonymous said...


PS - Hope you remember me, Tim. My husband I moved from Albany back to my hometown here in Princeton, NJ. We visit the upstate area often as the in-laws are still in Saratoga and I will no doubt be sure to pay you a visit. Cheers!

Timothy Cahill said...

Ayami -- yes! Thanks for poking my memory. Definitely, when you are up north, give me a shout. Would love to see you again. Cheers, T

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